GV & Associates, Inc.

The GVA 1000 System Features

The GVA 1000 is a mobile, scalable off grid system that is a fully integrated turnkey solution designed to pump, purify and desalinate water. It can also provide auxiliary power and potential communications.

Key features of the GVA 1000:

  • A water purification system that exceeds WHO/EPA guidelines for clean drinking water.
  • Purification from freshwater, brackish water and seawater sources.
  • Battery storage capability that provides useful energy that can be used at night time or when the sun is not providing the energy requirements.
  • Fully integrated and operational on site in 24 hours by three semi-skilled workers.
  • All the tools needed to install the system are provided with instructions in one unit.
  • Highly transportable and re-deployable to areas of emerging demand.
  • Scalable to meet demands of volume and power.
  • Remote monitoring and controls via cellular internet link.
  • 10 years estimated life and low maintenance.

The Evolution of Design

The primary motivation for the Next-Gen GVA was to improve scalability and modularity. This lead to integrated battery storage, water storage and SWRO system module integration into the solar array platforms. The GVA 1000-NG easily fits into a standard international 20 foot shipping container. This container can easily be transported by helicopter, truck or boat to remote locations. All tools and select spares need to install the system are provided with instructions in once container.