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Water is essential to life in all life forms including you. The minimum daily human consumption of water is one gallon for drinking and one gallon for cooking. In many places around the world, water supply is logistically challenging. In scenarios that involve these challenging remote locations, water needs are to be provided by boat or truck. Sometimes, the way water is delivered can create its own set of problems. Typical catchment systems used in these areas heavily rely upon rain. But what happens when it doesn't rain? People can survive many days or even weeks without food, but they can only survive three days without water. When storms or natural disasters wipe out entire communities, peoples water supplies are disrupted and can be contaminated with sewage and disease causing pathogens. Finding a source of clean water is key to survival. But what happens when it can't be found?

Using advanced technologies and renewable energy we can help local populations during a crisis, as well as improve their daily lives by providing a reliable, renewable source of water and energy with minimal impact on the environment. The GVA 1000 is a mobile, scalable off grid system that is a fully integrated turnkey solution designed to pump, purify and desalinate water. It can also provide auxiliary power and potential communications.